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   The engine is the heart of a vehicle, and maintaining it is the best thing you can do. Did you know the average age of a fleet vehicle in the USA has increased by 17% in the last decade?
The feat achieved by the automotive industry is a consequence of improved technology and awareness among fleet owners about maintenance.
One of the major factors affecting the health of engines is the condition of engine oil. It is always advisable to regularly change your engine oil, this keeps the oil feed fresh and avoids engine knocking.
Did you know Engine maintenance requires regular oil change? And do you know how to keep your engine maintained? Well, if you don’t know, fret not! In one of our articles, we talked about 6 Important Maintenance Tips For Diesel Engines. Go check it out!
Are you wondering how changing oil is important for your vehicle? Then read ahead!
#1 Maintains Engine Lubrication
There are many moving parts in an engine. Now imagine them moving day in and day out under immense pressure & heat with no lubrication. It will completely wear out the parts & cause some very serious damage.
To avoid such situations, it is highly advisable to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual and select the oil that is specifically good for your vehicle. You may want to check the specific weight & grade of the oil before filling up the engine.
We recommend you to fill an adequate amount of oil in the engine so as to properly lubricate different parts.


      This is quite simple, the better your engine oil is the longer your vehicle will stay potent. Routine maintenance helps in vehicle longevity. Did you know that not changing the oil for a long time can build-up dirt in the oil, causing friction & wearing of engine parts?
Also, the buildup in the oil can rob your vehicle off from fuel economy & power, and make the internal components work harder. This shortens the lifespan of your vehicle.
But you can avoid these situations by simply changing the oil regularly. Quite simple, right? Well, it is!Regularly changing oil has more number of benefits such as:
Improves Engine Performance: Over time, the oil gets contaminated with dirt particles, wear particles & may even start forming sludge. This may hamper the engine’s performance. But changing the oil on a regular basis can help your engine to stay clean & perform well.
Improves Gas Mileage: Changing the oil helps to get rid of dirt and avoids buildup. Also, fresh oil keeps the engine lubricated. Hence, the engine performs well & this, in turn, improves the gas mileage.